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Voltaire, or François-Marie Arouet (1694-1778), a French Enlightenment philosopher, is remembered for his struggle against religious fanaticism and for tolerance and freedom of thought.
He took refuge near Geneva, and bought, in 1759, a castle in Ferney, French commune. During the most active period of his life for twenty years, he will fight against injustice (Calas,  Sirven and La Barre case), and published Candide ou l’Optimisme and his famous Dictionnaire philosophique.
Today, you can discover the castle in the small town of Ferney, Voltaire rebuilt the castle, upgrade the surrounding area, let him speak: « Un repaire de 40 sauvages est devenu une petite ville opulente habitée par 1 200 personnes utiles »… To see, his statue, ” Benefactor of Ferney ” in the city center.
His last home is in Paris, the Pantheon, Voltaire became a precursor to the French Revolution.
In the 7th district of Paris,  “Quai Voltaire” where he lived at the time of his death.

Museum Ferney-Voltaire >>>

A book ?  Le Dictionnaire philosophique portatif,
« Ce livre n’exige pas une lecture suivie, mais, à quelque endroit qu’on l’ouvre, on trouve de quoi réfléchir. »

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In the Footsteps of Voltaire ?