Lutherhaus_WittenbergThe Lutherhalle or Lutherhaus in Wittenberg is located in the Augustinian monastery where Luther lived. It is now an important Reformation museum.

A – Lutherstube (Luther’s Room), grand hall, coffered wooden ceiling and Renaissance tiled oven, lecture hall where Luther was teaching.
B – Katharinenportal (Katharina’s Door), in the courtyard, a birthday gift from Luther’s wife, a former nun.
C – Luther’s own desk, his pulpit from which he preached at the Stadtkirche, his teaching robe, and first editions of his books.
D – Reformation art, portraits of Luther and other paintings, as Cranach the Elder’s famous didactic painting of The Commandments.
E – Luther Oak (Luthereich), down the street, marking the spot where Luther burned a papal bull of excommunication in 1520.

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