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Tunisia Travel Guide ?

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Tunis, the capital of Tunisia, Carthage is easily accessed from here and the souq is one of the most authentic
The ruins of Carthage
Sidi Bou Said, seaside town of white houses with blue doors
Bizerte,  beautiful forests, beaches and scenery
Kairoua, the Medina quarter and the souk, the Great Mosque of Sidi-Uqba
El Kef, the old town
Gabes, the mountain, the sea, the oasis and the desert
La Goulette, the port of Tunis
Nefta, oasis and pilgrimage center
Hammamet, a popular destination for its beaches
Sfax, an economic center
Sousse, many resorts and fine sandy beaches
Tozeur, a large oasis, from Tozeur one can make trips on a camel, explore the Sahara Desert
Monastir, a major tourist resort
Port El Kantaoui, a popular tourist destination
Djerba, a popular tourist destination on a Mediterranean island
Douz, tourist town on the edge of the Sahara
Jugurtha’s Table with a moon like surface and deep crevasses
El Jem one of the best preserved Roman amphitheaters in the world
Dougga, impressive ruins of a Roman city
Kerkouane, one of the most important Punic cities
Matmata where Star Wars’s Tatooine was filmed
Sbeitla, a well preserved Roman settlement
Skanes, holiday resort
Metlaoui, with the Red Lizard  train

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