Louvre’s highlights ?

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The Seated Scribe from Saqqara, Egypt
The Winged Victory of Samothrace
The Venus de Milo
Dying Slave, Michelangelo
The Lacemaker, The Astronomer, Vermeer
The Supper at Emmaus and Bathsheba at Her Bath, Rembrandt
Bacchus, Mona Lisa, St. John the Baptist, Virgin of the Rocks, The Virgin and Child with St. Anne, Leonardo da Vinci
The Fortune Teller and Death of the Virgin, Caravaggio
Le Concert Champetre, The Entombment and The Crowning with Thorns, Titian
The Wedding at Cana, Veronese
La belle jardinière, Raphael
The Raft of the Medusa, Géricault
The Coronation of Napoleon, Oath of the Horatii, Jacques-Louis David
Grande Odalisque, Ingres
Liberty leading the People, Delacroix

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