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thornybush-collect-280-gen1pafuri-acc280hoyo-hoyo-1-exterior160-wildlife-luxury-safaripafuri-loc280a1Kruger National Park is the largest game reserve in South Africa. As of 2009, the park has counted approximately 27,000 African Buffalo, 350 African Hunting Dogs, 350 Black Rhinoceros, 4.509 White Rhinoceros, 17.797 Burchell’s Zebras, 500 Bushbucks, 200 Cheetahs, 300 Common Eland, 5.114 Giraffes, 5.798 Greater Kudus, 3,000 Hippopotamus, 1,500 Lions, 1,000 Leopards, 2,000 Spotted Hyenas, 11.672 Elephants, 5,000 Waterbuck, 9.612 Blue Wildebeest, 90,000 Impalas…

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