Procession of the Holy Blood in Bruges ?


Discount flights worldwide / Flights + hotels Budget hotels Brugge Budget hotels Belgium According to tradition, a few drops of Christ’s blood have been reported in Bruges as relics in 1146 by Thierry of Alsace, Count of Flanders, on his return from Palestine. What is certain is that the container in which the Holy Blood […]

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European Capital of Culture 2015: Mons in Belgium ?


Discount flights worldwide / Flights + hotels Budget hotels Mons Budget hotels Belgium Mons, a small town in Hainaut, Belgium, was designated European Capital of Culture in 2015, she will share with Pilsen, Czech Republic. Mons offers a new station and not less than 300 projects, 5000 five new artists and museums. The highlights ? […]


Budget hotel near Cathedral Antwerpen ?


Budget hotels Belgium The Cathedral of Our Lady, a Roman Catholic cathedral in Antwerp, Belgium. Started in 1352 and, ended in 1521, never been completed. Gothic style. Major works by Peter Paul Rubens: The Raising of the Cross, Assumption of the Virgin Mary and The Descent from the Cross. Budget hotels near Cathedral Antwerpen ? […]


Michelangelo in Bruges ?


Discount flights worldwide / Flights + hotels Budget hotels Brugge Budget hotels Belgium The treasure of the Church of Our Lady, in Bruges, Belgium, a white marble sculpture of the Madonna and Child by Michelangelo, purchased in Italy by two Brugean merchants, the brothers Jan and Alexander Mouscron, and in 1514 donated to its present […]


World Diamond Center ?


Discount flights worldwide / Flights + hotels Budget hotels Antwerpen Budget hotels Belgium The art of polishing diamonds was invented in Antwerp, Belgium, hence the ‘Antwerp Cut’ has become internationally synonymous with quality and brilliance. With 80% of the world’s rough diamonds, 50% of the cut diamonds and 45% of industrial diamonds going through Antwerp. […]

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