The 10 World’s Most Liveable Cities, 2011 ?

1 Vienna Austria 2 Zurich Switzerland 3 Auckland New Zealand 4 Munich Germany 5 Düsseldorf Germany 5 Vancouver Canada 7 Frankfurt Germany 8 Geneva Switzerland 9 Bern Switzerland 9 Copenhagen Denmark

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The World’s Most Expensive Cities ?


Tokyo, Japan Oslo, Norway Osaka Kobe, Japan Paris, France Zurich, Switzerland Sydney, Australia Melbourne, Australia Frankfurt, Germany Geneva, Switzerland Singapore, Singapore The Economist Intelligence Unit (2011)

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Rome ABC for the iPhone, iPod, iPad…


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ABC Luther House, Wittenberg, Germany ?


Discount flights worldwide / Flights + hotels Budget hotels Wittenberg Budget hotels Germany The Lutherhalle or Lutherhaus in Wittenberg is located in the Augustinian monastery where Luther lived. It is now an important Reformation museum. A – Lutherstube (Luther’s Room), grand hall, coffered wooden ceiling and Renaissance tiled oven, lecture hall where Luther was teaching. […]

Keats_House_Hampstead_londres Madonne_des_palefreniers_Caravage Mr and Mrs Andrews-Gainsborough